Sep 19, 2016

Announcement: New Site Launched

Hi Friends of Candidium!

Hope you enjoy the sets as much as I enjoy collecting, sorting and publishing them ;)
Now we have here over 350 sets with over 41,000 images in 28 GB total and continue counting up.

I'd like to announce that I started a sister site:

It is dedicated to the sexy girls on the street and on the beach. As far as it is possible I tried to stick to sets of pictures and to avoid mixes. As here, you can view the entire gallery or download it in a single zip file.

Pictures below lead to some sets:

I'd like to invite you and you are welcome to visit VIP Candid. Hope you will enjoy it as much as jou enjoy

Btw. I accept contributions too. Contact me about them and if you have any questions at

Cheers Everybody!